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“Preserving YOUR Memories”
“Preserving YOUR Memories”
8 & Super 8mm Film To DVD
Preserve those piles of 8 and super 8mm film with a Reel 2 Reel Film to DVD transfer. All transfers are done at our location, nothing is sent out. We monitor the entire transfer process and only charge you for what is recorded. We also remove flicker and control brightness and contrast if possible. An opening title is included and you can enhance your production by adding background music.
10 Cents Per Foot
*Small Reels are (3” in diameter), are 50 ft. long and run for 3 minutes. Other popular reel sizes are 100, 200 and 400 feet. We can fit 2,000 ft. on 1 DVD.
$5.00 Each
*Additional Copies Of Master DVD
*Convert Master DVD to Video files for editing such as mpeg, avi, mp4 or any other format available. See Video Conversions
Video Conversions
*Music Added To DVD